Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Xi'an III

The stories seem to get repetitive though the actual experience is quite different every time I set foot in my favourite Chinese city Xi’an. The towering city walls, the cozy Muslim quarter with its delicious street food, the busy street life with a blend of nationalities, and of course the outstanding hostel where I really begin to feel at home every time I spend another night there… they all make for a solid basis that guarantees a great weekend.
This time I was lucky to meet Min-Soo from South Korea straight from the start as we had a joint pick up from the train station. Later our group grew as a bunch of girls from Hong Kong and a guy from Australia joined. The great thing about meeting people in a hostel is that everyone has their own story and their own unique experiences, which makes for excellent and interesting conversations in the cozy courtyards of the hostel.
One of the highlights of my stay this weekend was the dinner plus performance we got to enjoy the Saturday evening. After having eaten a wide variety of dumplings (unlimited supply) a show of traditional Chinese dance and music started. Artists wore beautiful clothing and the feat gave some fine insights into Chinese culture. Of course the night ended drinking beer in the bar of the hostel with the finishing touch of some amazing nightly prepared street noodles! Tops all!
As it is Wednesday evening now it’s less than two days before I shall set foot in Beijing again. I’m nigh halfway my term here and as Antonia from Denmark pays me another visit I got some days off to travel around a bit. Soon more on that!

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