Thursday, 13 November 2008



Welcome to my blog! I am Tony, graduate in the bachelor program of International Economics and Finance and currently residing in New Delhi, India.

Via the international exchange program Aiesec I work for a NGO called Kalakar Trust ( The organization seeks to protect the culture of Indian folk musicians, and part of that is the elementary school set up by the trustee of the organization. My role is to teach the children of the school English (mostly teenagers), which will enhance their chances of success in their later profession. The work is grateful and entertaining, and I truly enjoy working with the children.

Outside school hours there is plenty of time to enjoy the trainee life in Delhi and beyond, with regular parties and journeys that keep life varied. In later posts I will tell more about these undertakings by bus and train, great adventures where I truly get to know the real India! I live in an area of New Delhi called Kalkaji, in a nice apartment (picture) with about nine other trainees with roots from all over the world. The daily journey to the school takes about two hours and goes by the means of local bus, auto rickshaw and metro. Truly an insight in the Indian habits and customs as well!

I will post stories here at least twice a week, covering various issues of what I have experienced here, what is going on right now and what is planned for the future!

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