Saturday, 15 November 2008

Polish party

It’s early afternoon and I find myself in the living room of our apartment. It’s a lovely easy going day, since we had quite a good party yesterday night everyone is just chilling out. My fellow country mate Johan enjoys the sun outside on our big balcony, Wojtek from Poland plays some rock music and Paulo from Brazil enjoys the pleasures of incense. The party last night took place in the Southern part of Delhi and was organized by a Polish group of trainees in order to celebrate the Polish independence day. They had prepared national dishes as zurek and pierogi and of course vodka was well supplied. The party took place at the rooftop of their apartment, the weather in Delhi mid October is actually still comparable to an average summer day in Holland, be it without the rain. The ride back home in the middle of the night was one to remember, as we were sitting with nine people plus the driver in a regular sized cab. It actually involved two people on the front seat, five on the back seats, and two people in the trunk! Sitting in the open trunk seemed quite enjoyable at first, but after half an hour of driving over the bad quality Delhi roads they were not that cheerful anymore.
As for now I will go to the house of a colleague of mine, as she lost a bet that costs her a dinner!

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