Sunday, 1 February 2009

Back in Delhi..

Back in Delhi, after an amazing journey through the South of India. This deserves better treatment than the regular superficial coverage that most stories here reflect. However, few of you will be willing to spend an hour reading about my recent experiences, however interesting those may be. Therefore I will divide the story I am about to write in five different parts and post one each respective day of this week, to be started this afternoon. Of course I will brighten up my words with pictures and videos, although the wonders of the South cannot be done justice with those, one has to go there physically to enjoy all that it has to offer. But I will make an effort that, or so I hope, will give you a hint of what’s all there.

You may wonder, doesn’t the guy have to work? All I write about is partying and travelling. Well, I finished my work as a teacher at the slum school just before Christmas. All in all it was a great experience and I got to become really close with the people but I really felt like taking on a new challenge. And that is why I disclose hereby my next stage in life.. China! Coming Friday I will fly via Honk Kong to Beijing where I will take a train to Jinan. More information on this will follow once I’m on the ground, for now a coverage of the previous two weeks will dominate my posts!

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