Sunday, 1 March 2009

Longmen Caves

The temptation to ignore the ringing alarm clock, stay in bed, and forget about the whole Longmen Caves was strong this very morning, especially since I had closed my eyes a mere four hours prior to this moment. Fortunately I managed to get out of my bed and set of for what would become a two hour bus drive to Luoyang, a city that finds the famous caves in close proximity. And it was well worth it. Carved out of sheer rock by the first Buddhists who settled in China the statues vary widely in size but have all in common the devotion dedicated to carving the sculptures perfectly in the details. All in all my second weekend trip was a great success and I deem it not unlikely that I shall return to this historical setting. Tomorrow classes start again, but plans are already materialising for coming weekend.. If all goes as intended I will visit Xi'an for the first time!

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