Sunday, 8 March 2009

Terracotta Units

Maybe my expectations had been a little bit too high. Maybe a tiny little bit. Of course I was impressed, and naturally I enjoyed the ancient treasures exposed a lot. But unconsciously hopes had been rising for something mind numbing, and that the mighty Terracotta Army did not accomplish. On the second day of my Xi’an visit (later more on that) I took a bus together with Yuki, a Japanese guy whom I had met the previous night at the hostel, heading for the village close to which the first discovery of the army had taken place. As usual I had not taken my student card so the 50 % reduction was relinquished yet again (I should change that habit) but the sights were worth the full price nevertheless. Three pits, with the largest one displaying around 7000 ancient warriors, created decennia ago on the command of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor to unite China. The informative movie made sure of some decent background knowledge and I must admit that the ‘eight wonder of the world’ deserves this entitlement more than the over hyped Taj Mahal. Pictures and videos visualize some of all this!

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