Sunday, 11 January 2009

Going out in Delhi

New Delhi’s nightlife has little to offer compared to the size of its city. And although my intentions for crossing continents’ borders was not for the sake of having a good night out, no shortage of this before departure, it was rather welcome after a few months of abstaining from this.

The only locations where parties are allowed to continue for as long as they have to, besides our trainee houses ;), are five start hotels where guests have to pay up to 3000 rps (50 euro) as far as entrance is concerned. Working as a volunteer does not really allow this kind of behaviour I must admit.

But there was an outcome, and one that all the trainees have gratefully taken. Urban Pind organises an ‘expat’ night every Thursday, which basically comes down to foreigners not paying entrance in a decent bar. Closure time fluctuates around 1 am, but as all of us have to work the next day it’s a burden that we managed to overcome.

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