Wednesday, 7 January 2009


At this moment I am at an unprecedented stage of integration in the Indian subcontinent, something I had never expected four months ago. During my first days, weeks, months even, my perception of the Indian culture was not all too positive to say the least. The initial adjustment phase of, say, two weeks is misleading in the sense that you feel rather comfortable but actually have not adjusted fully to anything. The attitude of people, the chaos on the streets, it is all still annoying even though you got used to it.

Things have definitely taken a turn in that respect. I cannot say that I am fully integrated after less than half a year, but definitely some positive line has set in over the last months that has brought me to a point I thought I would never reach.

I think this development is best illustrated by an example. As Johan and I left work today by auto-rickshaw after bargaining long and skillfully enough until the requested price was reached we directed the driver through the busy Delhi traffic to a stop close to our house. After paying the guy Johan set off to buy two glasses of freshly made orange juice from a street vendor whereas I did the same across the street by buying two omelets with bread, fried in a mix of spices. As we enjoyed the food and drinks we leaned comfortably against the barrow of the juice vendor whilst the parked motorbike next to us served as a tray to put our glasses on. A satisfying five minutes later we took a stroll, dodging auto-rickshaws and bicycles on the road and ignoring the ever present horning of cars. We don’t even hear that anymore. Waving at the broker who we could distinguish in his office, walking the streets without having to think of which road to take.. New Delhi has become a new home and I have come to appreciate and love it.

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Robins Tomar said...

Tony, it will take some time to get fully integrated, may be that is not required at all, you can enjoy both the worlds together.
Keep sharing .....