Saturday, 27 December 2008


All the ingredients were there for the least Christmas-like Christmas. In India people barely have a clue about how Christmas is celebrated, as only a very small fraction of the population is Christian. The fake tree we had put up in the corner of the living room looked pathetic and the 20 degrees weather outside, something that everyone is very happy with by the way, did not generate any cozy snowy December feelings. The guy who was supposed to cook for us backed out the day before the 25th and I figured we were left over with ordering food as usual.
How well it all worked out in the end! With the whole living room decorated with Christmas attributes, the fake snow spread out all over (sent by my mom, thanks! : )), the Christmas tree lit up, covered by fake snow and with all the presents around it.. A long dining table where twenty-five people were sitting at, and a great lot of native dishes prepared by all of us that made the whole thing complete. The sky-radio Christmas top hundred playing in the background was the cherry on the cake. We had a great dinner and an equally great gift sharing. I think the picture says it all.. : )

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