Thursday, 11 December 2008


Recently I was invited by my college Poorva for dinner at her place. I truly love and value the occasions on which I get invited at somebody’s house, be it a slum house or a more middle class setting like Poorva’s.

Poorva is the counselor at Kalakar Trust, which implies that she is responsible for problem solving regarding the students of the school as well as for community issues, like clashes between relatives or groups in the slum. Often counseling sessions are held in her office, the room is then crowded with locals from the slum who tell her their version of the occurred trouble.

The dinner I got to enjoy at her place was typically Indian and tasty, and the warm welcome by her parents and sister was what I have come to appreciate of Indian people. Her house is located next to a big park and a temple, both of which we paid a visit. All in all a enjoyable evening!

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Dad in Dubai said...

Poorva must be mighty pleased. She traded a regular Indian meal for photos on the blog!

Dad in Dubai