Monday, 8 December 2008

Kalakar Performance

Last Sunday my school had a major performance in an open air theatre, and of course I was there to enjoy the show. Finding the theatre behind a metro construction site at the other side of the city was not easy, but worth the effort and time spent was the great performance displayed by my students. In total more than 300 children performed with drums, puppets, karate and dance.

All students were beautifully dressed up, as you can see in the picture on the left. The spectator seats were overcrowded with students, family, teachers and random people who wanted to watch the show. The result was a big blend of the brightest colours, something you don’t run into every day in Europe. In the picture below you see me among my students and one flat mate of mine here from Turkey.

As of now it is Tuesday and afternoon has just reached. Since it’s a national holiday today (Eid is a Muslim festival) most people don’t have to work, except for the few unlucky ones who work for big companies. I plan to go for some running soon, the massive lack of sports to practice here is not all too beneficial for my health. ;) Let’s see how this will work out!

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Jen said...

I also had the opportunity to see the children perform in a project related to my internship. It was really wonderful to see them express themselves creatively like that, and they truly shone. It was especially touching because many of the children were former slaves, so it was almost like an expression of freedom.

That was one thing I missed VERY MUCH while I was in India: running!! I attracted far to much attention (especially unwanted mae attention), unfortunately, so I avoided it.