Tuesday, 2 December 2008

My school

Hey guys!
As the main reason for coming to India was the voluntary work I do at the slum school I’d like to tell something about that as well. The school is located in the middle of a slum area in the very centre of Delhi. Every day I travel by public bus and metro for about two hours back and forth from my house in Kalkaji to the slum school. The journey is an experience in Indian culture all on itself, as I often find myself in overcrowded buses on the congested roads in New Delhi!
At the school I teach six classes a day varying in age, level of education and gender. In between the classes I help out people from the community and socialize with my colleagues and students. I feel fully accepted and appreciated by everyone and it will not be easy to leave the school in January, as it really feels like a place I have come to belong to. In the pictures you can see the construction of new classrooms as well as some of my students.

As of now I write this story from my house in Kalkaji, my unconcerned eating behaviour has finally resulted in me in getting ill and thus I am not able to work today. But that is all worth it, as I really get to experience the true India! :)

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