Friday, 5 December 2008


The main way of transportation for locals as well as for tourists and a stable stream of income for tens of thousands of Indian people who drive the units: Auto-Rickshaws are hot in Delhi. The metro is still mainly under construction, buses take set directions and are often overcrowded, and thus many people take the auto when the necessity of going from A to B arises.

Personally I cannot afford daily drives by auto towards my job and back due to the large distance I have to cover, but for whatever other purpose of transportation within Delhi the auto is actually the only option. It requires quite some skills to negotiate a decent price with the driver as they often refuse to ‘go by meter’. However, my baggy Indian clothing as well as the few words of Hindi that I have learned for this very purpose guarantee me rather good prices in general. And as you can see, quite some people fit in one auto with a bit of an effort ;)

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